Employer Information and Guidelines

NorQuest's graduates have the knowledge and skills required to improve any organization's bottom line. Our grads are in great demand – 95% of NorQuest graduates are employed or continue their education.

Each year, approximately 2,000 NorQuest students graduate and pursue careers in:

  • business & industry
  • health care
  • human services

If your organization is in the market for highly skilled workers with a passion for success, NorQuest students and graduates can meet your needs!

Job Postings

Student Career and Employment Services will post your employment opportunity free of charge on our online job board. All postings are subject to approval by the Student Career and Employment Services department and upon approval will be displayed for a maximum of 30 days. All requests to extend postings past 30 days must be received in writing to our email address below.

Job postings need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be specific to programs offered at the college
  • Be casual or part-time only if not program-specific

The Student Career and Employment Services department reserves the right to decline postings. Review our Employer Recruitment Guidelines below to determine the suitability of your positions.

Email your job posting to: sces@norquest.ca

View current job postings here

Employer Recruitment Guidelines

The following guidelines have been established to enable NorQuest College’s Student Career and Employment Services department to provide better services to students, alumni and employers.

Sales / Commission-based / Franchise Opportunities:

We do not allow recruitment for 100% commission-based positions unless there is a minimum wage guarantee.

All postings for sales, commission-based, or franchise opportunities must provide the following details (if applicable to the position):

  • Detailed description of job responsibilities
  • Compensation arrangements (how income is calculated) - potential earnings and guaranteed earnings must be clearly distinguished
  • Length of required training and all associated costs
  • Any applicable start-up costs (franchise fee, demo kit costs, travel/accommodation costs, etc.)
  • Any financial obligations or penalties if the student/graduate chooses to leave the position

Private Home Opportunities:

Postings from private individuals for home care must clearly indicate the following:

  • Where the opportunity will take place
  • Main tasks, expectations and responsibilities of the position
  • Information about the care recipients (age group, unique needs or requirements)
  • Compensation and applicable reimbursements (mileage, purchases, etc.)

Third-party Recruitment:

  • Must identify their clients on the job posting
  • Candidates’ resumes must not be held in the files of the third party recruiter for later referral to other positions unless authorized by the candidate
  • Organizations advertising third-party job posting websites are not permitted

Guidelines for outstanding registration fees:

Employers with outstanding registration fees owed to Student Career and Employment Services will not be able to participate in any future events hosted by the department. These events include job fairs, employer recruitment opportunities and job postings.

Contact Information

Room C101, Career Development Centre, 
10230 108 Street NW
Edmonton, AB  T5J 1L4