Mental Health

Mental Health is a state of well-being. World Health Organization, 2014

Our mental health strategy is for everyone: every learner and every employee. Mental health promotion can include creating and taking steps to enhance supports for mental health, either through direct or indirect means, such as services or education and awareness. Mental health promotion contributes to the betterment of all aspects of society and the functioning of individuals in their everyday lives such as work and education (WHO, 2004).

Why now? The well-being of the NorQuest College community affects the health and success of NorQuest College. “Mental health and well-being are fundamental to our collective and individual ability as humans to think, emote, interact with each other, earn a living and enjoy life” (“Investing in Mental Health”, 2013, p. 5). It affects the success of our students and the work of our employees.


A Mental Health Strategy for All

Post-secondary institutions in Alberta, Canada, and beyond are recognizing the need for mental health strategies to promote mental health awareness, well-being, and crisis management. These issues plus mounting student enrolments at NorQuest suggest we be proactive in our approach towards mental health.

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NorQuest College's Mental Health Strategy

In spring 2019, NorQuest College struck a Mental Health Working Group comprised of learners and employees to develop and recommend a college-wide mental health strategy to the institution.

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Mental Health & COVID

As a college, we are facing this unprecedented challenge together. The Wellness team has put together some resources that promote mental well-being, including reminders of existing NorQuest College resources that individuals can access during this time.

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