Information for Listeners

Want to be a Listener and Support Others?

NorQuest 7 Cups of Tea listeners are part of the SANQC Peer Support volunteer program. SANQC peer supporters receive additional training and supports on campus, including certification and references for job applications. The 7 Cups of Tea listeners will also receive additional training specific to the 7 Cups of Tea platform.

If that’s not enough, all SANQC volunteers are automatically enrolled in an incentive program to earn rewards for their volunteer hours!

Complete a volunteer application form.

For more information and deadlines, visit SANQC Peer Support or drop by the SANQC office in room 1-114 of the Singhmar Centre for Learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listeners are trained in active listening and then apply these learned skills as a 7 Cups of Tea listener. You will chat with members requesting a listener, and provide compassionate and empathic support.

You do not provide advice or tell a member what they should do. You help guide the member to finding their own solution to their problem. You may suggest additional resources or relevant services but your main role is to listen and reflect back to the member that they are heard, understood, and supported.

The time commitment for a listener can vary depending on how often you want to be active. We recommend being available a minimum of three hours a week.

After successfully completing the necessary training, you will be able to set your calendar with the days and times you are available.

To be a listener for the NorQuest 7 Cups of Tea community, you need to be a member of SANQC Peer Support. You will receive additional training, job references, and incentives.

You can sign up to be a listener of the global 7 Cups of Tea community; however, after completing the training, you would not be part of the NorQuest College 7 Cups of Tea community.

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