Student Loans

Your education is an investment of time and money. Government student loan programs are designed to supplement your resources and help you reach your goals.

Applying for a student loan

Full-time and part-time students in a post-secondary career program can apply for assistance to the student financial assistance service in their home province. Students taking upgrading courses or programs are not eligible for a student loan. Your provincial student finance assistance service determines your eligibility and will determine the disbursement method (Canada loan, provincial loan, etc.).

Alberta student loan applications are only available online at the Student Aid Alberta website. Student Aid Alberta administers both Alberta and Canada student loans with a single online application. Students from other provinces should visit your provincial government student finance information websites for online applications.

For student loan funding, Student Aid Alberta will consider you a:

  • full-time student if you are registered in at least 60% of what NorQuest considers a full course load in your post-secondary program, or if you are a student with a permanent disability approved to study at a reduced course load
  • part-time student if you are registered in less than 60% of a full course load in your program

Not sure if you qualify for student loan funding? The Student Aid Alberta website clearly outlines student loan eligibility criteria for both full-time and part-time students and includes a school and program eligibility check tool.

Processing times vary from province to province and may take up to eight weeks; therefore, you are advised to apply early. You do not require proof of admission in order to submit an application for a student loan.

Using the Alberta Student Number

The Alberta Student Number (ASN) is a unique identifier for all Alberta students that gives them access to improved programs and services in the Alberta education system. With an ASN, students may apply electronically for financial assistance and have their enrolment confirmed electronically.

If you do not have access to your number or if you are moving into the province to study, you can look up or request a number at Alberta Student Number (ASN) lookup

Completing your Canada/Alberta student loan application

When completing a student loan application, be sure to include all the required information and documents. Check Tuition and Fees, the Tuition and Fees Estimator, or your specific program page to confirm the costs for tuition, books, and other fees for your program. The program and supplies fee and health/dental fees can be recorded under the books and supplies amount.

Paying your tuition and fees from your student loan

If you receive a student loan, all approved funding is sent directly to you. It is your responsibility to be aware of the fees owed to the college, and to pay all of your assessed tuition and fees according to the college's payment schedule. See Payment of Tuition and Fees for more information.

We can help

NorQuest's student financial advisors can provide:

  • advice on how to maximize your student loan funding
  • assistance in completing and reviewing your student loan application forms
  • assistance in obtaining interest-free status on your previously existing student loans
  • information regarding loan repayment after you finish your program

Financial Aid Office

Room 1-204, Civic Employees Legacy Tower, Downtown Campus