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At NorQuest College, we offer students the opportunity to receive financial recognition for outstanding achievement, academic excellence, financial need, leadership, community service and contribution to campus life. Scholarships, bursaries and awards are available for students enrolled in a credit program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blackbaud Award Management?

NorQuest College has contracted with Blackbaud Award Management, a third-party award management system, to enhance and streamline the award search and application process for all currently enrolled NorQuest College students. Students who complete the general application through the new NorQuest College award system will be automatically considered for several awards across campus based on qualifications such as academic merit, financial need, leadership, volunteer service or contributions to campus life. Additional selection criteria may be included.

What are opportunities?

The NorQuest College award system uses the term “opportunities” when referring to awards.

How do students receive award consideration?

Consideration for awards is available to current enrolled students during the Fall and Winter semesters in which they are attending courses.  Currently enrolled students can complete the general application in the NorQuest College award system, as well as any supplemental applications for award consideration. Students will need to complete the application each term, and will be notified via their MyQuest email account when the new application is open. By completing the general application, students will automatically be considered for several awards based on eligibility.

How do students log into the NorQuest College award system?

What is the deadline to submit an award application?

Award deadlines for the Fall term will be 11:59 pm November 1 and deadlines for the Winter term will be 11:59 pm March 1 of each calendar year.

Which questions should students complete?

On the general application form, in addition to completing the required fields (indicated with an *), students are encouraged to complete the application to the fullest extent to maximize award consideration.

What are recommended opportunities?

In some cases, individual awards require additional information that is not on the general applications. Students are encouraged to review the suggested list of these recommended opportunities and provide any information requested to receive further consideration for those awards.

How do students receive confirmation of their application submission?

Currently enrolled NorQuest College students who submit an application will see a “submitted” status on their My Applications tab within the award system. Students who have an incomplete general application will be directed there upon login until complete.

How do award recipients receive notification of award offers?

If selected, students will be notified by email to their MyQuest account.

How do award recipients respond to their award offer?

Students who have been awarded an award must accept it online through the NorQuest College award system. Students should follow the instructions as prompted to review the award offer and click “Accept” under the appropriate award.

Is there a due date by which award recipients must respond to their offer?

If a response date is required for a specific opportunity, it will be indicated when you view your award offer.

What happens to awards that are declined?

Awards are re-awarded to other students if declined.

How do award recipients receive their award funds?

Award funds are mailed in the form of a cheque to student’s home address on file after the Social Insurance Number has been updated.

Why does my social insurance number need to be updated?

In compliance with federal Income Tax Act, NorQuest College will produce a T4A slip for filing with your income tax return. Your T4A will include the student award funding that you have received in the past calendar year. For more information on ‘Students and Income Tax’ go to Canada Revenue Agency. The student’s social insurance number (SIN) will need to be included on the T4A.

In order to comply and receive your student award, you can now log into your MyQuest account and update your SIN. View instructions.

Can international students receive awards?

Currently enrolled NorQuest College international students can receive awards and complete the general application in the NorQuest College award system.

For what awards am I being considered?

NorQuest College is fortunate to have hundreds of awards available to help students achieve their academic goals. By completing the general application, applicants will automatically be considered for several awards based on general application answers. In addition, by completing recommended opportunities applications, applicants will be considered for award-specific applications.

Who reviews awards and how are recipients selected?

Each award has its own eligibility and selection criteria. Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria are considered by an award review committee.

Why is the site down for maintenance and what does that mean for my application?

Each year, the Blackbaud Award Management site must archive and refresh applications for the upcoming school year. While we are working on that process, we cannot accept any new applications or changes to existing applications.

If you have any questions, email

Financial Aid Office

Room 1-204, Civic Employees Legacy Tower, Edmonton Campus


T4A slip for income tax

NorQuest College will produce a T4A slip for filing with your income tax return. Your T4A will include the student award funding that you have received in the past calendar year and it must include your Social Insurance Number (SIN).  Log in to your MyQuest account and update your SIN. View instructions.