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RBC Student Ambassadors

Be part of this fun team, participate in personal and professional workshops, and make connections with your campus community.

Student Ambassadors

RBC Student Ambassadors are a terrific group of enthusiastic NorQuest College students!

They proudly volunteer to represent the college, promote NorQuest programs and services for students, and strongly believe in the importance of an education.

RBC Student Ambassadors come from a wide variety of backgrounds, making the group diverse and fun!

What do RBC Student Ambassadors do?

As a RBC Student Ambassador, you will work closely with NorQuest’s Advancement department to share your passion for education and unique story. Your talent and enthusiasm for sharing your passion with others is a bonus!

As a RBC Student Ambassador, you will:

  • greet guests of the college and assist in hosting events for visitors
  • represent the college at various events and activities, both on and off campus, including information sessions, graduations, conferences, the annual open house and orientations
  • conduct campus tours, walk visitors from campus to campus and assist visitors by directing them to meeting rooms or event locations
  • share your unique student experience with others
  • speak at public events (only if comfortable doing so)
  • answer questions about NorQuest to the best of your ability

Why get involved?

This volunteer program is a lot of fun and it provides training in communication, public relations and interpersonal skills. It also enables you to meet many interesting people from the community.

As a RBC Student Ambassador, you will:

  • network with the community
  • receive an honorarium from the program sponsor, RBC
  • receive a certificate of service and a reference letter outlining your contribution and participation in the program
  • gain public speaking experience
  • take part in social events and professional development workshops
  • add this role to your resumé
  • become a student role model
  • develop further social skills and a higher level of comfort with the English language
  • receive a uniform (shirt and vest)

Becoming a RBC Student Ambassador

Before applying to become an RBC Student Ambassador you should:

  • be confident you can successfully balance your studies with your volunteer workload
  • be able to contribute your time to various monthly events

To become a RBC Student Ambassador you must:

  • be currently enrolled at NorQuest College
  • keep up with your studies
  • be responsible and dependable
  • enjoy meeting and talking with people
  • demonstrate initiative, respect and integrity
  • be eager and excited to promote the college to the public
  • be motivated to participate in events and assist as needed

Once you are accepted into the program you are expected to:

  • attend a training session and regular meetings
  • complete a minimum of 15 volunteer hours through the year or five hours per term for a minimum of two terms
  • attend required events
  • respect the commitments you make to the RBC Student Ambassador team

Recruitment occurs every September and may occur again in the new year.

To apply to the Student Ambassador program

If you would like to be a RBC Student Ambassador, fill out the RBC Student Ambassador application form.

A significant donation by RBC each year allows this program to operate. We sincerely appreciate the support offered to a program that provides dedicated students with unique opportunities.

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