Interdisciplinary Simulation Centre

Students learning in the NorQuest Interdiscipilnary Simulation Centre (NISC)

Located in the Singhmar Centre for Learning, the NorQuest Interdisciplinary Simulation Centre (NISC) supports the integration of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and clinical judgment with experiential and reflective learning in an interdisciplinary, safe culture.

Simulation is supported by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute as a strategy to enhance safety in the health care field. It is also a key learning strategy at NorQuest College.

In NISC, learners bridge the gap between theory and practice by 'rehearsing' in simulation scenarios that mimic various clinical practice environments. Learners recognize and respond to client situations, and then reflect on their actions. They then relate what they learned in simulation to clinical situations they encounter.

Learners in NISC include:

  • students of NorQuest College,
  • students of other institutions,
  • student of programs external to the College,
  • post-graduate learners, as well as
  • Faculty and staff of NorQuest College.

Stan in a Van

Stan in a VanStan in a Van is a mobile simulation unit - it has the Standard Man (“Stan”) and Fran (the female version) and Cisco (the baby version) in it. The van is fully equipped to bring the benefits of NISC to our students in off-campus and regional locations so they have access to the same technology our Edmonton campus students do.

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