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Accessibility Services

NorQuest College offers a wide range of services to support students with an experience of disability including assistive technology, academic coaching, accommodated exams, sign language interpreters. NorQuest College supports students diagnosed with learning disabilities. Our team works to help students become more independent and effective learners.

If you have a disability, or believe you have a disability, email disability intake at or call 780.644.6130 to book an appointment with a member of the disability intake team.

After meeting with a member of the disability intake team, students may receive support for the following services:

Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors assist students in submitting their disability documentation to NorQuest and support students who are applying for Schedule 4 funding. If you have any questions about your accommodations or would like to discuss your accommodation plan, contact

Sign Language Interpreters

Sign language interpreters are available for students who are deaf to facilitate communication during appointments, strategy sessions, and in the classroom. Arrangements are also made to provide students who are hard of hearing with appropriate accommodations.

Exam Accommodation

Students who require extra time and other exam accommodations (such as distraction reduction or audio) may write in the Testing Centre or online, depending on their needs and the nature of their course. Extra time (50% additional time) is provided to all students. Extra time for exams supports students with diverse barriers to learning, including students with disabilities.

Academic Coaching

Students who are interested in building individualized learning strategies to address academic challenges and enhance their strengths can book an appointment with academic coaching or choose drop-in services. Coaching supports students by facilitating independent learning, increased confidence and academic success.

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology specialists help students incorporate assistive technology strategies into their learning that maximizes a students strengths. They provide ongoing support through individual appointments and daily drop in hours to students who use a variety of assistive technology tools including voice recorders, text-to-speech software, and speech-to-text software.

Referral for Disability Services

If you work with a student that you believe may benefit from the support of Disability Services, email

Contact Information

Student Services Registration Counter
Civic Employees Legacy Tower, Edmonton campus

Ask to book an appointment to meet with the disability intake team.



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