Bursary Application Form

This form must be completed and submitted after you have received confirmation of your child/children(s) registration in the 1000 Women Child Care Centre.

If you have applied for other child care subsidies, you must also have confirmation of those before submitting this application.

Note: If  both parents of children registered in the 1000 Women Child Care Centre are students, only one student may submit an application for this bursary.


  1. Applicant must be currently enrolled and attending classes at NorQuest College.
  2. Financial need.
  3. Students must not be receiving child care subsidies from other sources (eg. Alberta Child Care Subsidy, Alberta Works, etc.) which cover the full child care expense

Application form

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Children accepted at 1000 Women Child Care Centre

Financial information

Marital status:

Are you currently working:

If married/common law, is your spouse currently working:

Are you receiving the Alberta Child Care Subsidy:

Are you receiving any other form of child care subsidy:

Declaration and Consent

  • I hereby certify that the information on this form is complete and true in all aspects
  • I understand that the information collected on this application will be used to determine my eligibility for this bursary, and it will remain confidential
  • I understand that if it is determined that the information provided on this application is in any way incorrect or false, that:
    • my application will be null and void and will not be included in the bursary selection process
    • I will be liable for repayment to NorQuest College for any bursaries received due to false information given
  • I understand that if I withdraw, or am withdrawn from NorQuest College that I will no longer be eligible to receive the 1000 Women Child Care Bursary and I will be responsible for the full amount of child care fees.
  • I understand that if I am eligible for this bursary, that the bursary will be paid directly to Intercultural Child and Family Centre (operating the 1000 Women Child Care Centre) to supplement the parental portion of fees owing.

Privacy notice statement

The NorQuest College Foundation operates as a charity to promote and provide educational services and assistance to the college. The privacy policy of the foundation is to be compliant with applicable portions of the Alberta Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP). The personal information collected on this form will be used to determine your eligibility for NorQuest College bursaries and will be used to comply with the federal Income Tax Act. For more information about the collection and use of this information, contact the Manager, Advancement Services, NorQuest College, Room A810, 10215 - 108 street NW, Edmonton, Alberta, AB T5J 1L6, Tel. 780.644.5926.