GED Exam Application Form

The Testing Centre is currently closed due to COVID-19.

Testing services are temporarily suspended. You may contact other testing sites that are currently open in Alberta for more information on GED testing:

Spaces are reserved at time of payment. You are not guaranteed a space until you've paid. We cannot guarantee spaces will be available up to the deadline date. Apply early.

Personal Information

If you do not have an Alberta Student Number (ASN) or if you have one but cannot remember your ASN number, go to the Alberta Learner Registry and follow the instructions to receive your ASN.




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Previous GED Writing

Have you written a GED exam before? If so, provide the following details.




Group Exams

The group exam will be delivered at Testing & Assessment Services.

Review the available test dates (under Course Offerings).  Select the first date ofyour desired testing dates in the fields below. If these dates do not work for you, feel free to request dates under Individual Exams section below.

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Individual Exams

If you are requesting an accommodation or the group exam dates do not work for you, select the first day you would like to write.

Testing and Assessment Services will contact you to confirm selected dates or offer alternatives. There may be additional charges for individual exams. Exam subjects can be taken over the course of two or three days.

Applicant Declaration

All applicants must review and check all of the following declarations and waivers.

The information I have supplied on this form is true to the best of my knowledge.
I am aware that I must present signed photo identification each time I write a GED test.
I am over 18 and have been out of school for at least 10 consecutive months or have received approval from the GED Provincial Administrator to write the requested GED test(s).
I am aware of and understand my rights and responsibilities related to the use of test writing accommodations.
I have read and understand the Policy on Responsibilities of GED Examinees and Ownership of Tests, Scores, and Other Data and agree to maintain the confidentiality of all test questions and essay prompts.
I have read and understand the GED Testing Service Privacy Policy.
I understand that scores earned on the current series of GED tests cannot be combined with scores from the upcoming new series (to be published before 2020) and that to earn a GED credential based on the current series, I must write and pass all five content area tests prior to the launch of the new version.
I understand that the personal information collected on this form pursuant to section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act will be used to process and administer the writing and/or rewriting of the General Educational Development Test(s). This information will be used for the purposes stated, by Alberta Education only.
I have read and understand the information on the GED Bulletin.

By clicking Submit, I solemnly declare that all information entered is accurate and correct to the best of my knowledge.