Research Projects at NorQuest

The following represent a selection of past and current applied research projects occurring at NorQuest College.

School-to-Work Transition Barriers for Newcomer Youth

Funder: Child and Youth Refugee Research Coalition (CYRRC)

Many community-based support organizations have reported that a large number of newcomer youth they serve experience serious challenges during their transition from school-to-work. Research indicates that barriers including racism, communication skills, lack of financial literacy, limited work experience, and lack of mentorship negatively affect newcomer youths’ ability to gain meaningful employment. As a result, they live at home longer and experience greater unemployment and under-employment than their mainstream peers. In contrast, there are also many newcomer youths who successfully make the school-to-work transition and become fully integrated into the Canadian economy.

NorQuest College, in partnership with the Alberta Somali Community Centre (ASCC), will investigate the barriers encountered by ASCC newcomer youth making school-to-work transitions and how newcomer youth find ways to overcome these barriers. The goal of this research is to enable ASCC and other community-based organizations, including NorQuest, to better mentor newcomer youth who struggle with school-work transitions.

Research Team: Erika Goble, Sudi Barre, Alleson Mason, Benjamin Denga, David Burry

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Contact Information

Dr. Erika Goble
Associate Dean, Research
NorQuest College
Civic Employees Legacy Tower
10125 108 Street NW | Room 6-207.G
Edmonton, Alberta  T5J 1L6