Research Projects at NorQuest

The following represent a selection of past and current applied research projects occurring at NorQuest College.

Affordances and Constraints of Virtual Healthcare: Students' Experiences Accessing Online Physician

Students at a community college in Alberta were invited to participate in this project that offered access to virtual healthcare. Prior to inception of this project, the government medical insurance did not cover virtual healthcare for its members. However, at the end of this project, virtual healthcare was considered for coverage due to challenges created by COVID-19 pandemic. The main purpose of this study was to explore the affordances and constraints of a virtual healthcare platform as reported by the students who used the online primary healthcare services.
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Contact Information

Dr. Erika Goble
Associate Dean, Research
NorQuest College
Civic Employees Legacy Tower
10125 108 Street NW | Room 6-207.G
Edmonton, Alberta  T5J 1L6