Research at NorQuest

NorQuest College supports a wide variety of research including applied research, market research, community-based research, discovery research, and scholarly inquiry. Research may be undertaken by faculty, staff, and/or students, and may be initiated by an external organization or business. NorQuest College also supports external researchers conducting research with our staff and students.

Applied Research Services

Through our applied research services, NorQuest College responds to the needs of businesses, industry, and organizations. All projects are designed to address partner-identified issues and generate useful outcomes. Our applied research projects and activities build on our areas of expertise and enable us to pursue partnerships with government, business and industry, and local community organizations.

Learn more about NorQuest’s applied research services for Business, Industry, and Community Organizations.

Contact Information

Dr. Erika Goble
Associate Dean, Research
NorQuest College
Civic Employees Legacy Tower
10125 108 Street NW | Room 6-207.G
Edmonton, Alberta  T5J 1L6