Indigenous Student Services

NorQuest College provides learners with a complete education that attempts to balance strong academic foundations with Indigenous culture.

Our inclusive approach supports the diversity of our learner population, preparing graduates for work in a wide range of environments, including Indigenous communities.

We have an extensive network of services tailored specifically to the needs of Indigenous learners, including Indigenous student support services and Elder support.

Indigenous Admissions

As part of its commitment to Indigenous peoples, communities, and learners, NorQuest is actively holding space in high-demand programs to address the underrepresentation of Indigenous peoples across professions and to advance the process of reconciliation.

Creating and holding space for Indigenous learners in NorQuest programming means greater opportunities for Indigenous peoples to participate in the post-secondary system, gain the education and training needed to live full and meaningful lives, and model the way for future generations of Indigenous learners and leaders.

Email for more information.

Application Fee Waiver for Indigenous Learners

Our intent is to support and improve Indigenous learner access in as many ways as possible, and we are now providing funding supports to Indigenous learners who face difficulties in finding a way to pay the $95 application fee.

Who is eligible?

  • Any Indigenous learner who is interested in applying to the college but does not have financial resources to pay the $95 application fee.

Email for more information.

Tuition Deposit Waiver

Tuition deposits can create an unnecessary burden to Indigenous learners in achieving their educational goals. The lived - and shared - experience of some Indigenous learners may mean that some who apply and qualify for admission may not have the financial resources to immediately pay the deposit that will secure a seat in their program of choice.

The tuition deposit waiver for Indigenous learners is responsive to the needs of Indigenous applicants who seek access to post-secondary education but do not have the financial resources to do so. It enables Indigenous learners to waive the tuition deposit requirement and immediately secure a seat in their programs of choice. The waiver is available to any self-identified Indigenous learner who receives an offer of admission.

Email for more information, or to begin the tuition waiver process if you've received an offer of admission.

Indigenous Student Centre

NorQuest’s Indigenous Student Centre provides a multi-purpose facility for Indigenous students. Located in Room 1-151 of the Singhmar Centre for Learning, the Indigenous Student Centre is used for ceremonies, counselling sessions with an Elder, and as a social gathering place.

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Indigenous Student Advisors

Available for drop-ins or individual appointments with students who need help with:

  • identifying Indigenous funding options
  • assisting prospective students with program information and the admissions process
  • providing career planning and educational guidance to Indigenous-funded students
  • liaising with bands in the provision of student support and service management
  • referrals to appropriate community agencies and resources
  • connecting with instructors, admissions personnel, tutors, counsellors, and advisors

Note: Student advisors are available Monday – Friday from 8:15 am – 4:30 pm to assist Indigenous students.

Indigenous Educational Counsellor

The Indigenous educational counsellor assists Indigenous students to cope more effectively with personal, financial, career, and academic issues. The counsellor works closely with the Elders, Indigenous programs, and Indigenous Student Services at NorQuest College to address the unique challenges that may hinder the success of Indigenous students.

Indigenous Student Funding

Qualified Indigenous students may be eligible for additional grants or loans. Other sources of funding may be available through your band education counsellor or Indigenous funding agencies. For further information, contact the Indigenous Student Advisor.

Learn more about Indigenous funding available.

Indigenous Elders

Elder support is available to provide spiritual and cultural guidance. Indigenous students are encouraged to meet with an Elder for counselling, spiritual guidance, and healing circles.

Edmonton: Wednesday and Thursday
Wetaskiwin: Tuesday and Thursday

Learn more about our resident Elders

RBC Indigenous Mentorship Program

Indigenous mentors create a support system from within an Indigenous framework to develop a sense of belonging and enhance the learning experience of Indigenous students attending NorQuest College.

Learn more about the RBC Indigenous Mentorship Program

Land-based Learning

In Canada and internationally, there is a strong and growing body of knowledge, strengthened by the teachings of Indigenous community Elders and knowledge keepers, regarding promising land-based learning approaches and how they contribute to improving the student experience.

Learn more about land-based learning

Contact Information

Room 1-151, Singhmar Centre for Learning, Edmonton campus


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