International Projects

Working with local and international partners to design and deliver programming, research, and capacity building projects.

International Projects

The International Projects and Mobility team informs and enriches the College’s international culture by organizing and delivering events and workshops, and by facilitating international opportunities for students, faculty, and staff.

In addition, the International Projects and Mobility team offers expertise in international project development, implementation, management, international relations, and intercultural experience in a wide variety of international contexts.

Areas of Expertise

The International Projects and Mobility team can provide consulting services in the following areas, and we would be very
excited to discuss working with you and lending our expertise to projects that involve:

  • Competency-based education and training
  • Technical and vocational education and training
  • Workforce-relevant curriculum development, assessment and review
  • Regional and community education (through distance learning)
  • Apprenticeship preparation and trades-specific training
  • Employment/career and support services tailored to vulnerable learners
  • Academic upgrading and foundational learning (literacy and essential skills)
  • Industry Linkages (funding, programming, joint projects)
  • Public/private intercultural and diversity training
  • Labor market intelligence and needs assessment
  • Experience in establishing sectorial tables (e.g., NorQuest College Workforce Advisory Council)
  • Prior learning assessment and recognition (PLAR) for non-traditional learners
  • Short-term study abroad language and culture programs (in Canada)

International Projects

NorQuest College has a long history of international development and consulting projects, and has previously designed and managed initiatives in Africa, Asia and Latin America. NorQuest has a strong understanding of the principles of participatory development and collaborative project management.

NorQuest has provided training for nearly 40 years and has helped thousands of students to further their education or pursue livelihoods that are more rewarding. NorQuest's programs prepare students to enter the workforce quickly, providing students with marketable skills through work workplace-relevant curricula.

The International Projects and Mobility team is constantly seeking new partners in education and international development. We have formed successful local, national, and international partnerships and would welcome having a conversation with you to discuss how we might collaborate with you.