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International Student Services

At NorQuest International, we believe that each student is capable of success, and NorQuest is the first step toward that success. To achieve your own personal success we offer a wide range of support programs and services. While being committed to serving the unique needs of our international students, we admire the resilience and dedication that students show each day.

International Student Advising

Appointments are available in-person, by email, or telephone to assist you throughout your time at NorQuest College. Specialized services provided to international students include:

  • assistance with academic progress
  • volunteer opportunities
  • personal and cultural transitions

Cross-Cultural Counselling

Counselling Services include culturally sensitive assistance and guidance to cope more effectively with challenges that interfere with academic achievement and personal growth.

For more information, see Health and Wellness.

Health and Dental Insurance

International students will be automatically enrolled in the mandatory Students' Association's Health and Dental Plan.

Learn more about the Health and Dental Plan.

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International Student Office
Civic Employees Legacy Tower
Room 1-215


NorQuest College's Designated Learning Institution (DLI) number is O18795996622.

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