Dual Credit Information for School Authorities

For High Schools and School Districts

Dual credit educational experiences provide high school students with the opportunity to enrol in post-secondary courses and earn credits toward their high school diplomas as well as earning post-secondary credits for the same courses. Dual credit experiences are available to partnering high schools and are planned to fit with students’ high school programs and interests as well as their post-high school career and educational goals. The courses are offered by post-secondary institutions in cooperation with high schools. Employer partnerships are an important component of these collaborative partnerships.

Dual Credit Benefits

Dual credit opportunities are designed to facilitate student engagement, retention, and high school completion. By participating in dual credit experiences students are encouraged to plan for their transition to work and post-secondary education. Dual credit enrolment is recognized as a part of a high school’s credit enrolment count.


Schools are also responsible for providing information about dual credit opportunities to parents and students and assisting students with planning for dual credit experiences in relation to their high school programs and their post-high school career and educational planning.

Schools and school districts must ensure that all relevant Alberta Education policies are followed including those found in the Guide to Education: ECS to Grade 12 and the Off-campus Education Handbook.

Visit the Government of Alberta website for more information on planning, and getting course codes and pathways.

Dual Credit Delivery Options

A variety of delivery options are possible. Courses can be offered on the high school campus. Students may attend classes at the college. Sometimes, high school students take courses with college students on campus or at a community learning centre. Students from several high schools can be grouped together to form one class. Online and video conference delivery are other options. Several delivery modes can be used in any one dual credit project.

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