International High School Credentials Chart

Applicants to post-secondary programs at NorQuest College are evaluated for admission based on the completion of education at the senior secondary/high school level, or higher. Applicants that have completed the high school level of education in another country must have graduated with appropriate high school documents and credentials. The documents must present relevant and appropriate academic coursework that can be considered equivalent to the course work required for admission (e.g. English, Math, Biology, etc).

Refer to the documentation requirements below for the country in which you completed high school. You may submit other documents; however, NorQuest College may not be able to use other document types when evaluating your application for admission.

Your official documents must be submitted directly to NorQuest College by the issuing institution. See Transcripts for more information and for exceptions to this rule.

In countries where high school results are supported by an examination process through an external examination board (e.g. West African Examination Council (WAEC), National Examinations Council (NECO), General Certificates of Education at the O (Ordinary) or A (Advanced) level, school leaving examinations, etc.), the official examination certificates must be submitted for evaluation, directly from the examination board. Submitting only high school transcripts/statement of grades is not sufficient.

Note: Credentials may be subject to change; changes must be verified directly by the institution.


Country Required Credentials
Afghanistan Baccalauria
Albania Destese Pjekurie (Secondary School Leaving Certificate)
Algeria Baccalaureat de L’Enseignement Secondaire
Andorra Batxillerat
Angola Diploma of Pre-University Education
Anguilla GCE ‘O’
GCE ‘A’ Levels*
Antigua and Barbuda CAPE / GCE ‘A’ Levels*
CXC / GCE ‘O’ Levels
Argentina Bachillerato
Armenia Koledg (Mijnakarg Yndhanur Krtoutian Attestat)
Additional year of PS studies at University
Aruba, Netherlands Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs Certificate
Australia Australian Capital Territory Year 12 Certificate
New South Wales Higher School Certificate
Northern Territory Senior Secondary Studies Certificate
Queensland Senior Certificate
South Australian Certificate of Education
Tasmanian Certificate of Education
Victorian Certificate of Education
Western Australian Certificate of Secondary Education
Austria Reifeprufungzeugnis (Maturity Certificate)
Azerbaijan Certificate of General Education*
Bahamas GCE ‘O’
GCE ‘A’ Levels*
Bahrain Tawjihiya (Secondary School Leaving Certificate)
Bangladesh Higher Secondary Certificate
Barbados CAPE / GCE ‘A’ Levels*
CXC / GCE ‘O’ Levels
Belarus Atestat o Srednem Obrazovanii
Diplom o Srednem Spetsialnom Obrazovanii
Belgium Certificate of Higher Secondary Education
Belize CAPE / GCE ‘A’ Levels*
CXC / GCE ‘O’ Levels
Benin Baccalaureat de I’Enseignment Secondaire
Bermuda Freshman Year at Bermuda college
IGCSE ‘O’ Levels*
Bhutan School Certificate
Bolivia Bachiller en Humanidades
Bosnia & Herzegovina Secondary School Leaving Diploma
Botswana GCE ‘O’
GCE ‘A’ Levels*
Brazil Certificado de Conclusao de 2 Grau/or Vestibular (University Entrance Exams)
Brunei GCE ‘O’
GCE ‘A’ Levels*
Bulgaria Diploma Za Sredno Obrazovanie
Burkina Faso Diplôme de Bachelier de l'Enseignement du Second Degré / Diplôme du baccalauréat
de I'Enseignement Général
Burundi Diplome des Humanites Completes/Diplôme d'Etat (et Relève de Notes)
Cambodia Baccalaureat de l’Enseignement Secondaire du 2eme Cycle
Cameroon Baccalaureat / GCE ‘A’ Levels and ‘O’ Levels
Cape Verde Certificado da Habilitações Literárias
Cayman Islands GCE ‘A’ Levels* CSEC/GCE ‘O’ Levels
Central African Republic Baccalauréat
Chad Baccalauréat
Chile Licencia de Educacion Media
China Joint Senior Middle School Graduation Exam Results Academic Level Exam (depending on the province in which you studied) Senior Middle School Diploma including the three year high school transcript University Entrance Exam Results (if completed) All of these required documents, except the three year high school transcript (which is issued by your high school), must be issued from a higher education authority (provincial or municipal level).
Colombia Bachillerato
Comoros Baccalauréat
Costa Rica Bachillerato
Croatia Secondary School Leaving Diploma
Cuba Bachilerato
Cyprus Apolytirion
Bitrime Diplomasi
Czech Republic Maturitni Vysvedceni (Maturity Certificate)
Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) (formerly Zaire) Diplome d’Etat d’Etudes secondaire du Cycle Long
Denmark Studentere Ksamen
Djibouti Baccalauréat de l'Enseignement Secondaire plus Bulletins de Notes/Relevés de Notes
Dominica CXC ‘O’ Levels results*
One Year at Dominica State College
Country Required Credentials
Ecuador Bachillerato
Egypt Shehaadat al-thaanawiya al-'aama (General Secondary Education Certificate)
El Salvador Bachillerato
England GCE ‘O’
GCE ‘A’ Levels*
Eritrea Secondary Education Certificate Examination (ESECE)
Estonia Keskooli Loputunnistus
Ethiopia School Leaving Certificate and one of Ethiopian General Education Certificate
Examination/Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Examination
Fiji Islands Form VII Examination / Junior Certificate Examination results and School Leaving
Certificate with results
Finland Matriculation Certificate/Secondary School Leaving Certificate
France Baccalaureat de l’Enseignement du second degree
Baccalaureat General
Gabon Baccalauréat
Gambia West African Senior School Certificate Examination/WASSCE issued by the West African Examinations Council WAEC
Georgia Zogadi Sashualo Ganatlebis Atestati
Germany Abitur
Allegemeine Hochschulreife
Ghana West African Senior School Certificate Examination/WASSCE issued by the West African Examinations Council WAEC
Greece Apolytiron (School Leaving Certificate)
Grenada GCE ‘A’ Levels*
CEC / GCE ‘O’ Levels
Guatemala Bachillerato
Guinea-Bissau Secondary School Diploma
Guyana CAPE / GCE ‘A’ Levels*
CXC / GCE ‘O’ Levels
Haiti Baccalaureat and Diplome d’Eseignement Secondaire
Honduras Bachillerato
Hong Kong SAR HKCEE (Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination)
HKALE (Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination)
Hungary Erettsegi Bizonyitvany (Maturity Certificate)
Country Required Credentials
Iceland Studentsprof
India All India Senior Scondary Certificate (Grade 12)
Higher Secondary School Certificate
Indonesia Surat Tanda Tamat Belajar – Sekolah Meningah Umum Tingat Atas
Iran Diplom (year 12)
Pre-University Year
Iraq Adadiyah (Sixth Form Baccalaureate )
Ireland (Republic of ) Leaving Certificate
Israel Teudrat Bagrut (Matriculation Certificate)
Italy Diploma di Maturita Magistrale (Secondary School Certificate)
Ivory Coast Diplôme de Bachelier de l'Enseignement du Second Degré Baccalauréat
Jamaica CAPE / GCE ‘A’ Levels*
CSEC / GCE ‘O’ Levels
Japan Kotogakko Sotsugyo Shomeisho (Upper Secondary School Leaving Certificate)
Jordan Tawjihiya (General Secondary Education Certificate)
Kazakhstan Diplom o Srednem Spetsialnom Obrazovanii
Attestat o Srednem obscem Obrazovanii
Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (Kenya National Examinations Council)
Korea High School Leaving Academic Certificate
Kuwait Shahadat al-thanawia (Secondary School Certificate)
Kyrgyzstan Attestat o Srednem obshchem Obrazavanii
Latvia Atestats Par Visparejo Videjo Izglitiby
Lebanon Baccalaureate (academic Streat)
Lesotho Cambrdge Overseas School Certificate
Liberia West African Senior School Certificate Examination/WASSCE issued by the West African Examinations Council WAEC
Libya General Secondary Education Certificate*
Liechtenstein Berufsmaturitatszeugnis (Maturity Certificate)
Lithuania Brandos atestatas
Luxembourg Diplome de Fin D’Etuded Secondaires
Country Required Credentials
Macau Secondary School Certificate
Macedonia (Republic of) Svidetelstvo za zavreno sredno obrazovanie (Secondary School Leaving Certificate)
Madagascar Baccalaureat de l’Enseignement secondaire
Malawi Cambridge Overseas Higher School Certificate
Malaysia SPM
Maldives GCE ‘O’
GCE ‘A’ Levels*
Mali Baccalaureat
Mali- Baccalureat Malien
Malta Matriculation Certificate and Secondary Education Examination Certificate
Mauritania Baccalaureat de L’Enseignemnet du Second Degre
Mauritius GCE ‘O’
GCE ‘A’ Levels*
Mexico Bachillerato
Moldova Diploma de Baccalaureat
Mongolia Gerchilgee
Morocco Baccalaureat
Mozambique Certificado de Habilitacao es Literarias
Myanmar Basic Education High School Examination “A” Stream
Namibia GCE ‘A’ Levels*
IGCSE ‘O’ Levels
Nepal Proficiency Certificate
Netherlands VWO (Secondary School Leaving Certificate)
New Zealand National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA- Year 12)
Nicaragua Bachillerato
Niger Baccalaureat
Nigeria West African Senior School Certificate Examination / WASSCE issued by the West African Examinations Council WAEC
National Examinations Council (NECO) issued SSCE / GCE
Northern Ireland GCE ‘O’
GCE ‘A’ Levels*
Norway Vitnemal Fra Videregaende Skole
Oman Secondary School General Certificate
Pakistan Higher Secondary School Certificate
Palestinian Territories Tawjihi (General Secondary Education Certificate)
Panama Bachillerato
Papua New Guinea Senior High School Certificate
Paraguay Bachillerato
Peru Certificado de Educacion Secundaria Comun Completa
Philippines Second year University Completion
Poland Matura
Portugal Certificado de Fin Estudos Secondarios
Country Required Credentials
Qatar General Secondary Education Certificate*
Romania Diploma de Bacalaureat
Russian Federation Attesta o Srednem (Polnom) Obshchem Obrazovanii
Rwanda Diplome de Fin d’Etudes secondaires
San Marino Diploma di Maturite
Saudi Arabia General Secondary Education Certificate*
Scotland Scottish Qualifications Authority Certificate (SQA)
Senegal Have not established the secondary school credentials for this country
Serbia and Montenegro Have not established the secondary school credentials for this country
Sierra Leone West African Senior School Certificate Examination/WASSCE issued by the West African Examinations Council WAEC
Singapore GCE ‘O’
GCE ‘A’ Levels*
Slovak Republic Maturitne Vysvedcenie
Slovenia Secondary School Leaving Certificate
Solomon Islands Solomon Islands School Certificate
Somalia GCE ‘O’
GCE ‘A’ Levels*
Secondary School Leaving Certificate
South Africa Senior Certificate with Matriculation endorsement
Spain Titulo de Bachillerato
Sri Lanka GCE ‘O’
GCE ‘A’ Levels*
St Kitts Caribbean Examinations Council Secondary Education Certificate and General Certificate of Education “Advanced Levels”*
St Lucia GCE ‘A’ Levels*
CXC / GCE ‘O’ Levels
St Vincent and the Grenadines GCE ‘A’ Levels*
CXC / GCE ‘O’ Levels
Sudan Secondary School Certificate
Surinam Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs Certificate
Swaziland Cambridge Overseas School Certificate
Sweden Avgangsbetyg (Secondary School Leaving Certificate)
Switzerland Maturitat (Maturity Certificate)
Syria Baccalaureat
Taiwan Senior High School Leaving Certificate
Tajikistan Attestat o Srednem Obrazovanii
Tanzania Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examinations*
Certificate Secondary Education Examinations
Thailand Mathayom 6
Togo Diplome Universitaire d'Etudes
Baccalaureat De L'Enseignement Secondaire General
Tonga Pacific Senior Secondary Certificate
Trinidad & Tobago GCE ‘A’ Levels*
CXC / GCE ‘O’ Levels
Tunisia Baccalaureate
Turkey Lise Diplomasi
Turkmenistan Secondary school leaving certificate
Turks and Caicos GCE ‘A’ Levels*
CXC / GCE ‘O’ Levels
Country Required Credentials
Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education*
Certificate of Education
Ukraine Atestat/Matriculation School Certificate
United Arab Emirates Shahadat al-thanawia (Secondary School Certificate)
Uruguay Bachillerato
USA USA Senior High School
Uzbekistan O'rta Ma'lumot To'g'risida Shahodatnoma
Venezuela Bachillerato
Vietnam Bang Tot Nghiep Pho Thong Trung Hoc (Secondary School Graduation Diploma)
Wales GCE ‘A’ Levels*
GCE ‘O’ Levels
Yemen Al Thanauiya (General Secondary Education Certificate)
Zambia General Certificate of Education*
Zimbabwe GCE ‘A’ Levels*
GCE ‘O’ Levels

* Note: Countries that follow the British system, or a similar system, in which students write General Certificate of Education examinations at the Ordinary (O) and Advanced (A) levels: the subjects required for admission must be at the ‘A’ level to be considered equivalent to the academic stream (e.g. English 30-1, Math 30-1, Biology 30, Chemistry 30, etc.). Subjects, at just an ‘O’ level, are considered equivalent to the non-academic stream (e.g. English 30-2, Math 30-2).