Application Evaluation

We will evaluate your application after you apply and submit all your admissions-related requirements. Check your MyQuest and MyMail accounts frequently for updates to your admission status.

  • If you have met the admission requirements, you will receive an offer of admission by email. You will need to pay your tuition deposit or provide proof of sponsorship to reserve your seat in the program.
  • If you do not meet the admission requirements, you will receive an email to let you know which requirements have not been met.

Note: Your application evaluation is only valid at NorQuest College and may not be accepted by other institutions.

Remember, programs fill on a first-qualified, first-accepted basis. If no seat is available for you at the time you meet the admission requirements, you will be placed on a waitlist. See whether your program is already waitlisting students and visit Waitlist FAQs. Review our General Admission Guide for details on our admissions process.

Options for Meeting Academic Requirements

If you do not meet the academic admission requirements for the program for which you applied, but still want to attempt to qualify for to the program, you may have the following options to meet the missing requirement(s):

  1. If you have additional transcripts that were not evaluated, have your official transcript sent in.
  2. Most programs allow you to take an academic assessment, free of charge. Contact to book.
  3. Take the required course(s) through Academic Upgrading. If you enrol in an upgrading course, you may be eligible for conditional admission to your program.
  4. Take a high school equivalency challenge exam.

Options for Meeting English Language Proficiency Requirements

If you have not met the English language proficiency requirement for your program, see English Language Proficiency for options to meet this requirement.

Alternate Program Choice

If you do not meet the admission requirements for the program you applied for, you may request to have your application considered for an alternate program in the same term. If you would like to select an alternate program, review available programs to make sure you meet requirements and use Contact Admissions to send us your request.

Bridging Option

A number of NorQuest College programs offer a bridging option for students who need additional language or academic upgrading courses to fully meet admission requirements. See NorQuest Bridging to Post Secondary for more information.