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Introduction to Applied Research for Innovation

Learn how to use applied research to solve real-world problems in this online, self-paced program. Through hands-on learning activities, you will gain skills in developing research questions, selecting relevant procedures, collecting and interpreting data, and presenting your findings.


What is a Microcredential

A series of carefully curated learning activities that provide learners with opportunities to gain specific skills or competencies that are workforce relevant and valued by employers, without enrolling in a credential program. The outcome can be shared digitally and allows employers to easily identify candidates who have mastered a specific skill set for success in their industry.

What to expect from the program

The Introduction to Applied Research for Innovation includes seven badges that you’ll be expected to complete within 35 to 45 hours. Each badge takes approximately four to seven hours to complete, depending on your pace.  

  1. Foundations of Applied Research (4 hours)
  2. Planning Applied Research Projects (4 hours)
  3. Research Ethics and EDI (6 hours)
  4. Qualitative Study Design and Analysis (6 hours)
  5. Quantitative Study Design and Analysis (7 hours)
  6. Program Evaluation and Needs Assessment (4 hours)
  7. Conclusions, Dissemination, and Practical Application (4 hours)

Some of the skills and knowledge you’ll develop include:

  • Learning the fundamentals of applied research
  • Designing, conducting, and analyzing research projects effectively
  • Understanding research concepts, methodologies, and ethics
  • Applying research methodologies to real-world problems through case studies
  • Fostering collaboration and creative problem solving across different disciplines

You can complete this program entirely online with no scheduled classes, making it a perfect option for busy working professionals or students with a demanding schedule.

Who is this program for?

This program is suitable for individuals in research development positions and new or emerging applied researcher, regardless of academic or professional affiliation.

It is designed for professionals, students, or individuals outside and within NorQuest interested in gaining practical research skills applicable to various fields such as business, healthcare, education, technology, non-profit, social services, social sciences, and more.

Career opportunities

Applied research is an important facet of many jobs and career pathways. This microcredential will prepare both students and professionals for a wide range of new roles or career advancement opportunities.

Career opportunities for current post-secondary students

  • Academic Researcher - can be a steppingstone to a career in academic research
  • Students can specialize in a specific area, such as data analysis market research, and healthcare research
  • Education and training opportunities in research methods

Career opportunities for everyone 

  • Nonprofit and Government agencies where they conduct research to inform policy decisions
  • Technology and Innovation with industries for developing new technologies and improving processes
  • Data Analyst, Research Scientist, Policy Analyst, Environmental Scientist, Market Researcher, Project Manager, Research Analyst, Consulting
  • Product development with companies that use applied research to develop or improve new products

Program requirements

While this program is open to anyone regardless of experience and education, we recommend you meet the following:

  • Secondary school completion
  • Grade 12 English or higher

We recommend a level of technical competence which includes proficiency in:

  • Navigating the Internet
  • Using word processing programs like Microsoft Word

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