OTA/PTA Practicum III - PPRT 2007

This course provides a clinically relevant view of the roles and responsibilities of a therapy assistant. Under the supervision of an occupational and/or physical therapist or a team of preceptors (OT/PT/SLP/TR), learners will apply the academic knowledge and skills acquired during the program and will gain valuable hands-on experience. Through the practicum experience, learners will develop increased confidence, consistency, and independence in providing quality treatment. Contact alliedhealthpracticum@norquest.ca for permission to enroll.

Note: Prerequisites: THPR 2027, THPR 2100, THPR 2101, THPR 2032, THPR 2033 Restricted to Interdisciplinary Therapy Assistant Department Consent Required to enroll.

Term Duration Schedule Class Section Open Studies


Spring May 8 - Jun 9, 2023 21210 W01 No
Spring Jun 5 - Jul 14, 2023 21211 W02 No
Fall Sep 11 - Oct 13, 2023 40668 W01 No
Spring May 6 - Jun 7, 2024 20271 W01 No
Spring Jun 3 - Jul 12, 2024 20272 W02 No

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