High School Math Prep Foundations - MATH 1523

Delivered in partnership with community centres, this flexible learning format allows students to study the basic algebra skills required for high school mathematics courses. Topics include number systems, rational numbers, algebraic expressions and equations, problem solving, exponent laws, geometry and measurement. Successful completion of this course allows students to progress to Math 10C.

Note: Restricted to Foundations For Learning

Term Duration Schedule Class Section Open Studies


Summer Jun 27 - Aug 28, 2022
30355 O45 No
Fall Aug 29, 2022 - Jan 08, 2023
41266 O45 No
Winter Jan 9 - May 7, 2023
11260 O45 No
Spring May 8 - Sep 4, 2023
20685 O45 No
Summer Jul 4 - Sep 4, 2023
30316 O45 No

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