Gender Identities, Sexualities, and the Law

This course examines gender and sexuality in the context of society and the law. It analyses the concepts and histories of patriarchy, criminalization, racism, and sociological approaches to gender and sexuality. Students will explore intersectional identities of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, (dis)ability, and class, as well as their social and legal evolution. Students will be exposed to indigenous and/or multicultural knowledges and perspectives on gender and sexuality, with particular attention to their intersections with the law.

Note: Restricted to Justice

Term Duration Schedule Class Section Open Studies


Spring May 2 - Jun 17, 2022 Thu: 08:00 - 11:00 am
Mon: 12:30 - 03:30 pm
21120 A01 No
Spring May 8 - Jun 30, 2023 Tue, Wed: 12:30 - 03:30 pm
21223 A01 No

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