Nadja Sawula-Brown

Nadja Sawula-Brown

NorQuest College’s fast-paced, 12-week Medical Office Assistant (MOA) program was the right program at the right time for Nadja Sawula-Brown. When her existing career in the arts community took a hit due to the COVID pandemic, she knew it was time to change gears.

“I decided on the MOA program because I've always been interested in medicine, but I was too squeamish to pursue a nursing degree,” she says with a laugh. “I figured this was a happy medium, and I ended up really loving it.”

Nadja did the MOA program in two terms instead of one so she could balance home life with her education. “It worked really well for my family and I, because I could take my time at NorQuest instead of being stressed about my school-life balance.”

Nadja gives props to her instructors, who often made themselves available outside of class time and on weekends to lend a hand when needed. After completing her practicum at a medical clinic, she was offered a job and has been working there since April 2021.

“To anyone considering applying to the program, I'd say do it,” says Nadja. “It was a great school environment with supportive teachers who really care about their students. I would absolutely recommend it!”