Megan Baskerville

Megan Baskerville

Ingredients for success

Megan Baskerville’s first taste of the culinary industry happened at a young age. While most kids were watching cartoons, Megan spent her mornings consuming the Food Network and growing her culinary knowledge.

What started out as a passion for food later led to a career path. Megan joined the Foundations of Cooking program at NorQuest, which became a crucial ingredient for her success. “I loved the course,” Megan said. “The NorQuest kitchen facilities are stunning and Chef Cindy was an amazing instructor!”

In addition to practical skills and classroom instruction, the program also offers students practicum experience, where they gain hands-on-learning. “Being employed at Starbucks for six years, then going into a busy kitchen was a foreign and challenging experience. It turned out to be extremely rewarding and I am forever grateful.”

With the Foundations of Cooking certificate under her belt (or apron), Megan was whisked away into the professional world of cooking. “I’m working at Under the High Wheel, under two brilliant chefs. We serve old world comfort food, scratch-made daily, in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It has been an incredible environment for me to flourish in.”

Of course, a chef never reveals their secret ingredient, but Megan was willing to share her favourite part of the Foundations of Cooking program.

“The Indigenous module was wonderful. I am a proud member of the M├ętis Nation of Alberta, and the program provided a chance to connect to my heritage through delicious food!”