Adrian Vanderhout

Adrian Vanderhout

Paying it forward is how NorQuest students roll

Adrian Vanderhout spent the better part of his adult life giving back. So when it was his time to receive instead of give, it was a humbling experience.

A military man until 2014, the now-30 year old is embarking on an educational journey that will put him back on a different kind of front line. Thanks to the bursaries and scholarships he received, Vanderhout is now a nursing student at NorQuest College.

At first, nursing may not seem like the obvious choice for a former soldier, but in a very real sense, it makes perfect sense.

“In the army I felt like I was giving back and that I had a purpose. After the military I tried the trades but it just wasn’t for me,” he says. “So when I received the financial support that helped me attend NorQuest, it helped me understand that other people do care as well. I am very thankful to the donors of NorQuest College.”

The legacies left by donations provided to NorQuest College and its students are apparent in many ways. They translate into to better lives for individuals and families, enhanced communities, and economic gain for all.

At NorQuest, students are taught in diverse and inclusive surroundings. These classrooms, workshops, labs, and common areas feature students who come to the college from places around the world, creating a global learning atmosphere.

Vanderhout’s future goals embody the vision of NorQuest College as a comprehensive learning institution – one that provides a worldly education.

“Sometime down the road, after I graduate, I want to travel abroad. Maybe go to Africa,” he says, noting that his wife has a history there of spending time on goodwill projects. “My wife is a teacher and she could teach English and I can work helping people from a healthcare perspective.”