January 30, 2020

We're Stirring the Pot at NorQuest

Shining a light on the work that is being done and career opportunities in the cannabis industry.


Canadians are likely more than accustomed to hearing the word cannabis in their daily conversations, in the news, and beyond. In fact, figures from Statistics Canada’s National Cannabis Survey released in May 2019 show that 5.3 million people, or 18 per cent of Canadian adults, said they used pot within the last three months. That’s up from 14 per cent who reported using cannabis a year earlier, before legalization in October 2018. The fastest growing segment of users is seniors, who almost exclusively only purchase legal cannabis. The quarterly survey also showed that initial data from the first three months of 2019 indicate that Canadians are changing their cannabis purchasing habits, with the numbers trending upwards all-around.

With legalization in full swing for just over a year, it is apparent that there is still a long journey ahead for this budding industry. The myths, the facts and the research that goes behind cannabis and its effect on our health, our employment industries, and the future of cannabis in Canada are still somewhat undetermined.
To shine a light on the work that is being done and career opportunities in the industry, we are excited to announce a cannabis-themed podcast from NorQuest College called Stirring the Pot.

Hosted by three business development officers at NorQuest with a strong network of cannabis experts, Stirring the Pot will cover topics that are relevant to anyone interested in better understanding this exciting, but controversial new industry. Due to years of prohibition, there is a wealth of misinformation and stigma that follows the cannabis industry; this series will challenge your preconceptions and leave listeners with a modern understanding of the industry and where it can, and can’t, take us.

Be sure to tune into the following episodes:

  1. Introducing Mom to Dr. Mary Jane: Nicola McFarlane, Business Development Officer of Health programming at NorQuest, is joined by her mom and Melissa Scheuerman, Director of Medical Outreach at Emerald Leaf MD. Listen as Nicola’s mom, who suffers from arthritis and severe joint pain, asks Melissa about the current cases for medicinal cannabis and its effects to better understand what treatments cannabis can, and can’t, offer.
  2. Burning the Grass Ceiling: Andrea Eriksson, Business Development Officer of Strategic Initiatives at NorQuest, is joined by three influential entrepreneurs and experts in the cannabis industry to discuss how anyone can approach a career in cannabis. This episode’s guests are Julie Potestio, Co-founder and President of Freedom Cannabis; Laura McIlveen, Process Engineer at TechFibre Industries; and Katrina Ingram, Cannabis Consultant and local podcaster. Together they break down the opportunities while also looking at the barriers and assumptions that hold women back when pursuing a career in cannabis, and start the conversation to burn the grass ceiling.
  3. Cannabis 2025: Host Shaunaugh Whelan, Business Development Officer of cannabis programming at NorQuest, is joined by cannabis experts Chris McGrath, a cannabis consultant and SME, and Chad Gendall of Token Naturals to discuss the next big thing in cannabis over the next 5 years. Listeners will be treated to a crash course in cannabis derivatives, markets in the future, technology and research, and the trends that may create the most opportunities, in Canada and abroad.

Regardless of how you feel about cannabis, there is something that can be taken away from each of the episodes in this series.

While we may not know what the future holds for the cannabis industry, our knowledge is budding thanks to Stirring the Pot.

Be sure to check-out the episodes here.

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