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  • Language Arts – this requirement can be met with any of the following, or an equivalent course:
    • 60% in English Language Arts 20-2 or equivalent

Health Care Aide workplace education delivery applicants only:

  • all program admission requirements listed
  • must be currently employed as a front-line caregiver in a participating agency
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Workplace Delivery

The Workplace delivery of the Health Care Aide (HCA) program is a partnership between NorQuest College and health-care employers. In this partnership NorQuest College provides:

  • course materials using the 2019 Alberta HCA Provincial curriculum
  • HCA tutor orientation and support
  • accredited HCA certification

The health-care employer (agency) provides a sufficient number of tutors who:

  • collaborate with students for registration
  • supervise students during exams or designate a proctor who oversees exams with students. The program has a total of 12 online exams (one midterm and one final exam in each theory course)
  • evaluate clinical skills
  • mentor and support student learning and growth
  • collaborate with NorQuest College to facilitate the students’ progress through the HCA program

Upon successful completion of the NorQuest courses, each student must successfully pass the Alberta HCA Provincial Exam before receiving their HCA certification.

Program Delivery

HCA Workplace students learn the course content through self-study of the learner materials, and progress through the program according to a schedule that begins at the first of a month and continues for 12 consecutive months. Assessment of theory is evaluated through scheduled online course exams. Assessment of clinical skills is evaluated by the registered tutor.

Program Costs

See Tuition and Fees for details.

There are additional costs for:

Program Expectations

The employer must provide sufficient equipment for evaluation of all skills in the program. Tutors will evaluate students by observing performance of all the clinical skills, using proper equipment and techniques, in each course. Where possible, skills should be performed on a client; simulations may also be used for any skills that are not available to be performed during client care.

  • Tutors are employees of the agency and must be currently licensed nurses - RNs, LPNs or RPNs. Tutors attend an orientation that prepares them to follow NorQuest College guidelines when facilitating the students through the program. Tutors and supervisors sign a declaration on the student’s application form to confirm that NorQuest policies and procedures will be followed for each student in the program.
  • Students must be working in the role of a Health Care Aide or similar and be employees of the agency. To become a Workplace delivery student, you must apply to NorQuest College through ApplyAlberta and choose the Health Care Aide Workplace option.

NorQuest College HCA Workplace staff assist by monitoring the program and are available to orient and support tutors, as well as answer questions from students. Staff are also available to assist managers and tutors to organize implementation of the HCA Workplace delivery at new partner worksites.

For further information about the Workplace delivery, email or call 780.644.6400.