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2 or 3 terms



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Total: $7,014.50

Total: $19,488.50

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  • Language Arts⁠ – this requirement can be met with any of the following, or an equivalent course:
    • 50% in English Language Arts 30-1 or English Language Arts 30-2
    • 50% in ESLG 1860 or ESLG 1898
  • Mathematics – this requirement can be met with any of the following, or an equivalent course:
    • 65% in Mathematics 20-1 or Mathematics 20-2
    • 50% in Mathematics 30-1 or Mathematics 30-2
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Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) allows in-person students to learn using their own device both in and outside the classroom.

Online students should review the computer specifications to ensure they have the correct device for the program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As an in-person student, do I have to bring my own laptop?

Yes. Ensure that you review the computer specifications and software requirements below. Tablets (including iPads and Surface Pro/Gos that have Windows 10 in S mode installed) and/or smartphones are not permitted.

Students in the Accounting Technician program may borrow laptops from Computer Commons. Charges may be applied for lost or damaged equipment. Details will be provided when you borrow a device.

Why would I bring a laptop to class?

Your notes and assignments will all be in one place—your computer—so you’ll never forget something, such as an assignment, at home again. You likely also know how your computer works and you are probably comfortable using your keyboard and mouse. This helps you to focus on learning the content of the courses. You also need your computer as all quizzes, exams, and in-class activities will be completed on your own device. If you do not have a laptop you will be unable to complete these assessments.

I'm an online student. Does BYOD apply to me?

No, BYOD doesn't directly apply to you, but you should ensure that your computer meets the computer specifications, and that you have the right software installed for the course(s) you are taking.

What software do I need?

Windows 10
Office 365 Education
Google Chrome
Other course-specific software (Information will be provided in the courses that require additional software.)

Do I have to purchase Microsoft Office?

No, students with a NorQuest College email address can download Microsoft Office 365 for free.

  • Download here for free; or
  • a USB memory stick with a downloadable file of Microsoft Office 365 will also be made available to all students at student orientation.

Ensure you use your NorQuest email address to register for the free education version.

Do not select Microsoft Office for Mac. You also require Microsoft Access, which is not included in the Office for Mac version.

Where can I get help?

Computer Commons can help students with:
  • Moodle
  • MyMail
  • MyQuest
  • student passwords
  • wireless access within the college
  • printing at the college
Your instructors can help you with:
  • course content related to Microsoft Office and Windows software
  • installing and troubleshooting specialized software (if required for your program)

Computer Specifications

  Required Recommended
Processor 1 GHz/i3 2.5 GHz/i5 or higher
HDD or SSD 64 GB
USB Port* One full-size USB port (USB 2.0) Three or more full-size USB ports (USB 3.0)
Wi-Fi* Wireless 802.11ac
Operating System Windows 10  
Battery* Two hours battery life
Keyboard Get a laptop with a keyboard that is laid out similarly to a desktop keyboard (keyboards vary widely in laptops). Specifically, ensure the Shift and Enter keys are positioned correctly and are large enough for your fingers. You will not require a separate numeric keypad for the program. You may also choose to purchase a separate keyboard (wired or wireless). Ensure you have enough ports to support a keyboard.
Mouse It is highly recommended that you purchase a separate mouse (wired or wireless) for your laptop. Ensure you have enough ports to support a mouse.
Bag or Case* While a computer bag is not required for the program, a computer bag allows you to transport your laptop and other components (such as a keyboard and mouse) safely.

* Not required for online students

Mac computers may be used if they have Parallels or Boot Camp and Windows 10 installed.
Tablets and/or smartphones are not permitted.

Software Requirements

  Required Alternate
Productivity Office 365 Education
Free for students – download here
Office 365 (including Access) or Microsoft Office 2016 Professional (must include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access)

Note: Microsoft Office for Mac does not include Access.

Browser Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Internet Explorer

Note: Some courses also require Respondus LockDown Browser. (NorQuest College will provide this if needed.)

Course-specific Software Many courses require students to download and install course-specific software. If your course(s) requires additional software, instructions will be provided in the course.