Listening and Speaking 6100 - ESLS 6100

Credit(s): 7 | Hours: Lecture - 148, Lab - 32, Other - 0

CLB 6. Identify specific factual details and inferred meanings in dialogues containing openings and closings, making and cancelling of appointments, apologies, regrets, excuses, and problems in reception and communication. Understand a set of instructions presented in point form, where sequence must be inferred. Demonstrate comprehension of details and a speaker’s purpose in suggestions, advice, encouragements, and requests. Identify the main idea, supporting details, statements, and examples in a descriptive or narrative presentation or in a group interaction. Respond to or extend apologies, regrets, and excuses. Make formal introductions. Make or cancel appointments, indicate partial comprehension, take turns by interrupting, add comments supportive of others, and avoid answering a question. Adjust levels of formality. Speak on relevant topics for five to seven minutes.

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Spring A01 20475 Jun 22 - Aug 7, 2020 Mon, Wed, Fri: 01:00 PM - 02:30 PM
Mon, Wed, Fri: 09:00 AM - 10:30 AM

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