Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Being - INST 1003

Credit(s): 3 | Hours: Lecture - 45, Lab - 0, Work Experience - , Other - 0

Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Being introduces students to Indigenous approaches for acquiring, holding, embodying, and passing on knowledge. The course invites students to critically examine and enhance their engagement with Elders/Knowledge Keepers, others, themselves, and the land, and to explore their own connections and responsibilities within this web. Classes take place in the ceremonial space at the Indigenous Students’ Centre, where the circle setting helps facilitate active listening, personal reflection, and group discussions. Students will develop a foundational awareness of culturally appropriate approaches to seeking guidance, following protocols, respecting boundaries, and giving thanks.

Restricted to Indigenous Studies, Open Studies

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Fall A01 41533 Aug 30 - Dec 8, 2021 Fri: 08:00 AM - 11:00 AM