Alphabetical Course List

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Idea Evaluation and Entrepreneurship XBUS 1760
IELTS Academic Preparation Course XLAN 1601
IELTS General Preparation Course XLAN 1600
Inclusion at Work XLAN 1223
Indigenous Art Studies INST 1260
Indigenous Business and Economics INST 1330
Indigenous Health and Wellness XHLT 1376
Indigenous Health and Wellness INST 1376
Indigenous Perspectives in Social Work Practice INST 1302
Indigenous Political Realities INST 1220
Indigenous Resolution Strategies JUST 2202
Indigenous Social Policy and the Law INST 2220
Indigenous Studies I INST 1000
Indigenous Studies II INST 2000
Indigenous Theory and Thought INST 2003
Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Being INST 1003
Infants and Toddlers ELCC 2003
Influential Leadership XBUS 1911
Innovators Mindset XBUS 1923
Institutional Pharmacy Lab PHRM 2030
Institutional Pharmacy Practice PHRM 2022
Institutional Practicum PHRM 2102
Institutional Prescription Processing Lab PHRM 2010
Insurance BUSD 2041
Integrated Care Across the Lifespan THPR 2033
Integrated care across the lifespan THPR 2010
Integrated ESL CLB 5 ESLG 1215
Integrated ESL CLB 6 ESLG 1216
Integrated ESL CLB 7 ESLG 1217
Integrated ESL CLB 8 ESLG 1218
Integrated Skills for Pharmacy Technicians PHRM 2007
Intercultural Foundations for Nursing ESLG 1705
Intercultural Perspectives on Leadership SETT 2030
Intercultural Perspectives on Mental Health and Complex Needs DISB 2000
Intercultural Practitioner Certificate XLAN 1199
Intercultural Practitioner Certificate - Foundations I XLAN 1210
Intercultural Practitioner Certificate - Perspectives II XLAN 1211
Intercultural Practitioner Certificate - Strategies III XLAN 1212
Intermediate Accounting I BUSD 2001
Intermediate Accounting II BUSD 2004
International Practicum ELCC 2035
Internet Fundamentals XBUS 1433
Internship Work Term COOP 2150
Interpersonal Communication for Health-Care Professions COMM 1011
Intervention Strategies with Youth JUST 2204
Introduction to Academic Writing XLAN 1153
Introduction to Accounting BUSD 1004
Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology ANPH 1000
Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology for MDRT ANPH 1003
Introduction to Anthropology ANTH 1000
Introduction to Art History ARTH 1002
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence CMPT 1510
Introduction to Business Analysis XBUS 5100
Introduction to Cell Biology BIOL 1007
Introduction to Chemistry CHEM 1001
Introduction to Chemistry II CHEM 1002
Introduction to Child and Youth Care Practice CYCD 1002
Introduction to Child Care and Child Development DHPP 1000
Introduction to Communications COMM 1001
Introduction to Community Support Work COSW 1100
Introduction to Composition ENGL 2550
Introduction to Computing CMPT 1011
Introduction to Corrections JUST 2106
Introduction to Cree Language INST 1152
Introduction to Cree Language XLAN 1152
Introduction to Disability Studies DISB 1002
Introduction to Early Learning and Child Care ELCC 1002
Introduction to Earth Sciences EASC 1002
Introduction to Energy and Greenhouse Gas Management ENRG 1001
Introduction to Environmental Stewardship ENS 1010
Introduction to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion XBUS 3600
Introduction to Finance BUSD 1014
Introduction to Health Data Analysis and Visualization XHLT 3000
Introduction to Indigenous Cooking XBUS 2204
Introduction to Indigenous Literature and Storytelling ENGL 1039
Introduction to Indigenous World Views COSW 1005
Introduction to Interdisciplinary Care – Lab THPR 2009
Introduction to Interdisciplinary Care – Theory THPR 2008
Introduction to Language and Swallowing Disorders THPR 2101
Introduction to Language and Swallowing Disorders – Lab THPR 2031
Introduction to Language and Swallowing Disorders – Theory THPR 2030
Introduction to Law Enforcement JUST 2107
Introduction to Leadership & Management HLTH 1200
Introduction to LINC Works XLAN 2086
Introduction to Literary Analysis ENGL 1011
Introduction to Logistics BUSD 2025
Introduction to Management BUSD 1013
Introduction to Medical Orders HLTH 1022
Introduction to Medical Terminology XHLT 1005
Introduction to Microsoft Office INFO 1001
Introduction to Pharmacology XHLT 1004
Introduction to Pharmacy Practice PHRM 1000
Introduction to Plant Identification ENVI 1007
Introduction to Psychology I PSYC 1040
Introduction to Psychology II PSYC 1050
Introduction to Rehabilitation RHAB 1001
Introduction to Settlement Work I: Global Context SETT 1000
Introduction to Settlement Work II: Local Context SETT 1010
Introduction to Social Work SOWK 1010
Introduction to Speech and Communication Disorders THPR 2100
Introduction to Speech and Communication Disorders – Lab THPR 2029
Introduction to Speech and Communication Disorders – Theory THPR 2028
Introduction to the Criminal Justice System JUST 1101
Introduction to the Study of Society SOCI 1000
Introduction to Wildlife Management ENVI 1468
Inuit Peoples INST 1002
Issues and Ethics MHAD 1005
It's Your Move XHLT 1070