Listening and Speaking 7000 - ESLS 7000

Credit(s): 7 | Hours: Lecture - 148, Lab - 32, Work Experience - , Other - 0

CLB 7.  Identify stated and unspecified details, facts, and opinions about situations and relationships of participants containing expressions of and responses to gratitude and appreciation, satisfaction, complaint, hope, disappointment, satisfaction, dissatisfaction, approval, and disapproval. Understand sets of instructions related to simple technical and non-technical tasks. Understand simple directions on the phone, voicemail, and extended description, narration, and reports. Understand directives, requests, reminders, orders, and pleas. Participate in formal and informal conversations to solve problems and make decisions. Respond to and express gratitude, appreciation, complaint, disappointment, dissatisfaction, satisfaction, and hope. Hold the floor, resume after interruption, and change the topic.

Restricted to ESL

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