Statistics I - STAT 1151

Credit(s): 3 | Hours: Lecture - 45, Lab - 18, Work Experience - , Other - 0

Students will learn the basic principles of statistics, acquire the skills to solve elementary statistical and probability problems, and gain hands-on experience with well-known statistical software, as well as basic methods for collecting data. Students will also learn the main tools of descriptive statistics to visualize collected data, analyze data distributions, and establish correlations and regressions between random variables. The course will also cover the main tools of inferential statistics for estimating mean values and proportions by confidence intervals, hypotheses testing, and one-way ANOVA. Applications are taken from wide range of subject areas such as biology and environmental science, business and economics, health sciences, education, crime and law, politics, social studies, and sports and entertainment.  Pre-requisite: Mathematics 30-1 or 30-2

Restricted to Arts & Science, Energy Management, Environmental Protection, Machine Learning Analyst, Therapeutic Rec and Open Studies.

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