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  • graduate of a Practical Nurse program in Canada, or graduate of an RN/Bachelor of Nursing program outside of Canada

Note: Academic admission requirements are different from English language proficiency (ELP) requirements. NorQuest College English for Academic Purposes courses may be used to meet both requirements. See below for details.

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PLAR Portfolio and Challenge Courses

PLAR stands for prior learning assessment and recognition. It is a formal evaluation and recognition of an applicant's skills and knowledge, regardless of how or where these skills were obtained (e.g., through informal education or training, paid or unpaid work experience, volunteer work, life experience). Recognition is not awarded for experience; it is awarded for knowledge or competencies acquired through experience.

PLAR may help you save time and money when completing your Practical Nurse Refresher program. Based on your self-audit, you may feel that you have a high level of competency in the outcomes of a course. Through PLAR, you may qualify for prior learning course credit based on knowledge gained from your prior experiences.

After completing the self-audit found in the Candidate Guide and meeting with a Practical Nurse Refresher advisor, you decide you would like to create a portfolio that demonstrates your mastery of course objectives, you may submit a Practical Nurse Refresher PLAR portfolio request form and pay for the assessment fee. Your PLAR portfolio will then be reviewed.

A PLAR portfolio assessment costs $195 per course for domestic students, and $585 per course for international students.

If your portfolio meets mastery level for the course outcomes, you will receive prior learning credit for the course and will not need to take the course in full. If your portfolio meets competent or functional level for the course outcomes, you may decide to challenge the course. If your portfolio is at a learning or lower level of competency for the course outcomes, you will be required to take the course in full via online delivery.

If you have acquired skills or knowledge, which are relevant to the outcomes of a required course, you may be granted credit by enrolling in and passing a challenge course. This is an option should you not qualify for transfer credit or if you do not have sufficient documentation to support prior learning credit through a PLAR portfolio.

If you have been out of the nursing profession for ten years or less, and have the skills and knowledge relevant to the outcomes for one or more of the program courses, you may be eligible to challenge each applicable course.

Challenge courses start the first day of every month. The length of the challenge courses is up to 14 weeks duration. These courses are self-paced online delivery. You may be assessed in a variety of different ways (e.g. exams, assignments, clinical integration/practical exams).