Occupational Therapy Theories and Foundations of Physical Medicine for Assistants – Theory - THPR 2025

Credit(s): 2 | Hours: Lecture - 30, Lab - 0, Work Experience - , Other - 0

Explore the fundamental concepts, theories, and frames of reference specific to occupational therapy that can be applied to various adult populations. Obtain comprehensive foundational knowledge in activities of daily living, posture, seating, supportive surfaces, wounds, pressure, splinting, and orthotics as they pertain to occupational therapy and its unique approach to client care. The course will prepare the learner with the necessary knowledge and understanding to work successfully under the supervision of and in co-operation with the occupational therapist.

Prerequisites: COMM 1001, ENGL 2510, RHAB 1001, THPR 2019, and THPR 2020 Co-requisite: PATH 1020 Restricted to Interdisciplinary Therapy Assistant

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