Recreation Therapy Assistant Practicum - PPRT 2005

Credit(s): 4 | Hours: Lecture - 0, Lab - 0, Work Experience - 160, Other - 160

In this practicum, learners are introduced to a therapeutic recreation setting and the role of the therapeutic recreation assistant in providing recreation therapy to clients. Learners will have the opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of wellness through leisure, common client conditions, assisting clients, program session planning, and program implementation under the supervision of a recreation therapist. Professionalism and team communication skills are emphasized.

Prerequisites: DEMC 1011, PPRT 2003, THPR 2017, THPR 2018, THPR 2023, THPR 2024, TRDC 1010, and TRDC 1020 Restricted to Interdisciplinary Therapy Assistant Department Consent Required to enroll.

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