Work Experience

The ACT! program includes a paid work experience that will take place over 2 months (typically 5 hours/day) for a total of 200 hours. The work experience is a part of Work-Integrated Learning (WIL). This component of your program is a key part of your overall learning experience. The work experience gives you the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge you learn in the classroom to an entry-level position with an employer-partner, while also learning about your own skills and the type of work you might want to do in the future.

During the program, your Career Coach will work with you to find out about your skills, previous experience, and interests. This will help to find a work experience that fits with your interest and abilities. You will have input into your work experience, but the program may not be able to place you in exactly the job you want or with the exact employer you want. During your work experience, you will develop your skills, experience a professional work setting, and build your confidence. This experience will also build your network, add experience to your resume, and can lead to a good reference. 

Participant Responsibilities for WIL

  • Work with your Career Coach and instructors throughout the program to prepare for the work experience by developing skills such as:
    • Employability skills (e.g., professional communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and digital literacy);
    • Technical skills (e.g., data processing, data management, and software literacy)
    • Career development skills (e.g., resume writing and interviewing)
  • Submit a final resume to send to your matched employer-partner and complete an interview prior to your work experience.
  • Attend your work experience on time and with no unexcused absences. You’ll learn more about these requirements during the program.
  • Work experiences may be in-person or virtual if required. If the work experience is in-person, all COVID-19 pre-cautions and procedures must be followed. This is something you will discuss with your Career Coach.
  • You are responsible for transporting yourself to your work experience on time every day.
  • Demonstrate professionalism throughout the work experience, such as good attendance, punctuality, and appropriate attire and grooming.
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