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Student Career & Employment Services

At Student Career and Employment Services (SCES), we care about where you are going and want to help you succeed. Finding a job or planning your career can be overwhelming. We can make it easier.

The following services are available to all current students, as well as recent alumni who completed a program at NorQuest College in the last 12 months.

Employment Preparation

  1. Reviewing resumes and cover letters: during this appointment, a career consultant will go over your existing resume and cover letter and provide you with feedback on content, structure and format. We require you to bring a resume and cover letter to the appointment for the consultant to review. The consultant will not write a resume or cover letter for you, nor will they retype your existing ones. Ensure that you keep copies of your documents as the Student Career and Employment Services department does not retain copies of students’ resumes and cover letters.
  2. Assisting with application forms
  3. Preparing for job interviews
  4. Conducting mock interviews
  5. Assisting with portfolio development
  6. Assisting with volunteer opportunity searches

Job Search

  1. Providing effective job search techniques
  2. De-briefing interviews

Other Services

  1. SCES provides computer access for job search and career planning purposes
  2. SCES has information on job search, occupational research and educational planning
  3. SCES organizes job fairs throughout the year for alumni looking for full- or part-time employment

Job Postings

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Contact Information

Room C101, Career Development Centre, Edmonton Campus
10230 108 Street NW
Edmonton, AB  T5J 1L4