Transfer Credit

Have you completed courses at another institution that may be similar and relevant to courses in your program at NorQuest? You may be able to obtain credit for the courses you've already taken.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Be admitted to your program. Transfer credit can only be reviewed once you have met all the admission requirements and have been admitted to your NorQuest program. Submit a request for review once your MyQuest account show you are at “admit” status.

  2. Research your program’s courses. Review your program’s course descriptions and compare them to previous courses you have taken. When you submit a transfer credit request, you will need to specify a specific course you took previously, as well as the NorQuest course you are requesting transfer credit for. NorQuest course descriptions are available by searching your specific program under Programs and Courses.

  3. Request a review. Complete the Transfer Credit Request Form (177K pdf). You need to fill out a separate form for each individual course you are requesting credit for. Transfer credit is not automatically granted and is only reviewed when an applicant formally requests it. The form must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar.

  4. Provide official transcripts. If an official transcript has not already been submitted, you must contact your previous institution and request an official transcript be sent to the Office of the Registrar.

  5. Provide supporting documents. Your Transfer Credit Request Form must be accompanied by the complete course syllabus/outlines; short calendar course descriptions are not sufficient for assessing course equivalencies. If you do not have a copy of the syllabus or course outline, then request one from your previous institution.

  6. Check the deadlines for making a request. If you submit a transfer credit request after your NorQuest course has begun, you may be subject to financial and/or academic penalties. Review and follow the deadlines on the Transfer Credit Request Form (177K pdf).

Other important information:

Courses must be directly equivalent: Transfer credit is evaluated for directly equivalent courses. This means that the course you took previously must have equivalent learning outcomes to the NorQuest course for which you are requesting credit. Each course for which transfer credit is requested must carry the same minimum credit weight as the NorQuest course (e.g. for a three-credit NorQuest course, the course you are submitting for transfer must be worth at least three credits).

In cases where institutions divide the subject matter into two credit courses, two courses may be used to give credit toward one NorQuest course. However, one previous course will not be used to give credit towards two or more NorQuest courses, and the same course cannot be used for transfer credit multiple times. Courses which were not taken for credit will not be considered for transfer even if they have similar learning outcomes.

Minimum grade requirements: NorQuest College reserves the right to determine the minimum passing grade required to grant credit. To see the minimum required, and which grades are unacceptable, view the Transfer Credit Request Form (177K pdf).

Residency requirement: You must meet NorQuest College’s residency requirement of 50% of the program’s credit load. This is the minimum number of credits you must complete at NorQuest in order to graduate and obtain your credential.

Shelf life: All courses are subject to time limitations for awarding transfer credit, as up-to-date knowledge and skills are essential to student success. Five years is the standard shelf life for a program’s discipline-specific subjects (e.g. Nursing, including Anatomy and Physiology courses), and 10 years is the standard shelf life for more general courses (such as English or Psychology). NorQuest College reserves the right to determine the shelf life, and these requirements may vary by faculty.

Internal credit: If you have taken courses (e.g. through Open Studies) at NorQuest, and want to request credit towards your NorQuest program, email to request a credit review. You do not need to fill out the Transfer Credit Request form or supply course outlines and transcripts.

Ensure that you provide detailed information in your email (e.g. your name, student ID number, what program you will be, or are, taking, and what previous NorQuest courses you want considered for transfer of credit). Note that shelf life rules will be imposed on internal credit.