Severe Thunderstorm/Tornado

Severe weather may include heavy rain/snow/hail, thunderstorm, tornado, high winds, extreme temperatures, and extreme lightning which may need you to seek shelter.

Storm watch vs. storm warning

Storm watch: A watch means conditions are favourable for the development of a storm or condition.

Storm warning: A warning means that there is evidence that threatening conditions are either occurring or are imminent.

Upon hearing a severe weather alert:

  • Listen to and follow any instructions provided via the mass notification system.
  • Proceed calmly, and direct others, to the core of the building at its lowest level (basement).
  • Do not use elevators.
  • Stay away from windows and doors. Seek further protection by sheltering under desks and shield head with arms if needed.
  • If caught outdoors, lie flat in a ditch, ravine or other low lying area, and shield head with arms.
  • If caught outdoors during a lightning storm, keep away from trees and power lines. Remaining in a car is an ideal option.
  • Remain in the protected area until informed that the warning has ended or an all clear signal has been delivered.

In Case of Emergency

In the event of an EMERGENCY, dial 911 for Police, Fire or Ambulance.

Make a SECOND CALL to Security at 780.644.6225 (Desk) or 780.991.4573 (Cell), or Facilities at 780.644.6215.