Medical Emergency

A person requires attention to control a medical condition or transportation to medical facilities. Typical examples are serious injuries, heart attack, seizure, pregnancy complications, etc.

If you find yourself first on the scene:

  • If the medical emergency does not appear to require an ambulance, call the nurse at 780.913.9076
  • If the nurse is not available, call Security at 780.644.6225 (Desk) or 780.991.4573 (Cell).
  • If the medical emergency appears to need an ambulance, call 911 first then follow up with Security. Provide the following information:
    • ​location of injured person(s) – site, building, room number
    • nature of the medical emergency
    • your name and contact information
  • ​Perform first aid if trained to do so.
  • Do not move the injured person(s) unless they are in imminent danger.
  • Stay with the injured person(s) until the site emergency coordinator or emergency responders relieve you.
  • Remain on the site to assist if requested.

In Case of Emergency

In the event of an EMERGENCY, dial 911 for Police, Fire or Ambulance.

Make a SECOND CALL to Security at 780.644.6225 (Desk) or 780.991.4573 (Cell), or Facilities at 780.644.6215.