Bomb Threat

NorQuest College could receive a telephone call or message that a bomb has been planted in the building or on the property.

If you receive a bomb threat, try to get as much information from the caller before they hang up:

  • Location of bomb?
  • When is it set to go off?
  • Phone number of caller if displayed
  • Why did they plant the bomb?
  • What does the caller sound like?
  • Is there any background noise that may assist with the investigation?
  • Retain all messages

Once the caller hangs up, immediately contact Security at 780.644.6225 (Desk) or 780.991.4573 (Cell), or Facilities at 780.644.6215.

In Case of Emergency

In the event of an EMERGENCY dial 911 for Police, Fire or Ambulance.

Make a SECOND CALL to Security at 780.644.6225 (Desk) or 780.991.4573 (Cell), or Facilities at 780.644.6215.

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