Updated: September 20, 2021 6:30 AM

New safety measures in effect

All visitors to NorQuest campuses for classes or other services must declare their vaccination status.

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Active Shooter/Armed Intruder

An active shooter or armed intruder is someone who is armed, usually with a gun or a knife, and is actively attempting to hurt others. Take action to protect yourself and others.



If it is safe to do so, get out of the building or move away from the immediate path of danger.

CALL 911

Make a SECOND CALL, or direct someone else, to Security at 780.644.6225 (Desk) or 780.991.4573 (Cell).


If you cannot escape, take cover behind a locked and barricaded door.

  • Close, lock, and barricade doors
  • Close window blinds
  • Stay away from windows
  • Turn off lights
  • Turn cell phones and electronic devices to silent
  • Stay quiet
  • Do not open door for anyone
  • Remain in place until door is opened by Police, then carefully follow instructions


If confronted by the armed intruder, be prepared to fight and defend yourself. Be creative by using close by items as a weapon if required.

  • Assist injured persons when safe to do so

Shooter on campus - know you can survive safety video

In Case of Emergency

In the event of an EMERGENCY, dial 911 for Police, Fire or Ambulance.

Make a SECOND CALL to Security at 780.644.6225 (Desk) or 780.991.4573 (Cell), or Facilities at 780.644.6215.