Preparation for Online Learning

Course overview

The Preparation for Online Learning course is designed to equip adult English language learners in the CLB 4-8 range with digital literacy skills, online learning strategies, and associated vocabulary required to access and engage in online courses.

This course and its accompanying instructor guide are available to ESL practitioners in Alberta.

Addressing learner needs

The skills that learners will develop in this course are crucial to accessing and using Moodle and other learning management systems. Learners will practice the skills needed to take part in online courses and use them to complete tasks and assignments.

Tutorial videos and transcripts are available as further support.

What makes the preparation for online learning course innovative?

Preparation for Online Learning will change the accessibility for adult ESL learners planning on taking online classes. Adult ESL learners have a greater chance of completing their online courses when they are equipped with the skills they need to access and navigate them.

In this course, learners will work on well-researched authentic and interactive activities that reference the CLB framework and adhere to the Best Practice Guidelines for Adult ESL/ LINC Programming and Instruction in Alberta. Learners taking this course will develop digital literacy skills at their own appropriate level.

This course also follows universal instructional design principles, and the activities are aligned with the TESOL Technology Standards Framework.

Course objectives

  • Equip adult English language learners with the digital literacy skills, online learning strategies, and vocabulary associated with online learning that is required to access and utilize online learning tools and the learning management system of the online course they are enrolled in
  • Increase the learner’s confidence to participate and ability to access online learning, and increase engagement in order to develop autonomous and independent lifelong online learners
  • Increase instructor capacity in online language teaching and learning

How can instructors use this course?

Instructors are able to use this course and the accompanying guide to help students prepare to learn language online. Instructors can:

  • Upload the course to a learning management system (e.g., Moodle)
  • Access an open online version
  • Download the content for their online classes

The instructor guide is a resource that includes an overview with course learning outcomes, contains module summaries, provides support and suggestions for instructors, and references for background reading.


  • Introduction to Online Learning
  • Vocabulary for Online Learning
  • Using a Learning Management System
  • Finding and Using Information Online
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Problem Solving Strategies
  • Synchronous Classes
  • Technology skills
  • Time Management and Study Skills
  • Working with Others for Successful Online Learning

Course details

Length: minimum 25 hours
Delivery: online
Cost: free

Funding for this course provided by: Alberta Labour

Learn the skills needed to succeed in online learning