Career Fair gets NorQuest learners ready for the future

March 15, 2023

Career Fair gets NorQuest learners ready for the future

What happens when you bring together over 2,500 NorQuest students with more than 40 leading employers? Important connections. Valuable advice. New ideas. Confidence and excitement about the future that goes beyond the classroom.

NorQuest’s annual Career Fair shattered expectations this year. Between in-person and online sessions, 2,700 learners attended this year’s event. It was a great success for the college and a good example of the value-added learning opportunities that NorQuest provides.

“Career Fair was a really exciting day where I got to network and explore,” says Jocelyn Duno, a second year Business Administration student. “I really felt my confidence grow as I practiced my communication skills.” 

Learners were able to meet employers and discuss job opportunities, get valuable career advice from online guest speakers, and explore their future options in their chosen fields. Twelve NorQuest learners were hired on the spot, with many others forming connections, submitting job applications, and learning about opportunities for future employment.

The Student’s Association of NorQuest College (SANQC) and the NorQuest Alumni Association provided a special edition of their Community Corner, which featured free business attire, shoes, and accessories to support students as they transition from school to the workplace. Learners also took advantage of smaller yet important offerings, such as professional headshots. 

“I was very happy to get a professional photo that I could use on LinkedIn,” says Jocelyn, who will be graduating from NorQuest this spring. “Career Fair will change your life. One of my friends received an offer of employment after the event. This was a really fun event, and I encourage all students to participate in the future.” 

“NorQuest’s Work Integrated Learning and Career Education Centre team is focused on helping learners get ready for their professional lives and future careers,” says Alison Reaves, Academic Program Manager, Work Integrated Learning and Career Education Centre. "Career Fair brings a little of everything we offer under one roof for a day. Our learners get the chance to make valuable connections, build skills, and get ready to launch their careers.” 

"We love connecting our learners with industry and helping them prepare for the future."

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