NorQuest partners to deliver Medical Cannabis Essentials for Health Professionals

January 14, 2021

EDMONTON – NorQuest College is partnering with Durham College and Okanagan College to deliver a two-day Medical Cannabis Essentials for Health Professionals course.

Facilitated live online over the weekend of February 6 and 7, this unique introductory course is aimed at new and experienced health care professionals across Canada seeking to better understand medical cannabis in the context of client-centered care.

During the two-day course, participants will learn about the endocannabinoid system, cannabinoids, terpenes, cannabis consumption methods, pharmacokinetic action and cannabis strains, gaining practical information that allows them to understand medical cannabis treatment plans, including dosing, titration, and identification of client risk factors.

“With the increase in medical cannabis as option an option for treatment of various conditions, it is critically important that health care professionals understand how the use of medical cannabis is continuing to evolve,” says Michele Braun, Director of Continuing Education and Partner Solutions at NorQuest College.  “We’re so pleased to be able to partner with other innovative institutions to offer this kind of program that provides professionals with the knowledge they need to stay abreast of these changes.”

As part of the course, participants will also examine viewpoints of various regulatory bodies and associations on medical cannabis. 

The course is being delivered through Durham College’s School of Professional and Part-time Learning and upon successful completion, participants will receive a digital badge that can be added to an e-portfolio, a LinkedIn page, and more.

Interested learners should register via


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