Why we choose inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are an integral part of NorQuest College’s DNA. We hold both at the centre of everything we do - from strategy and policy, to the design of our spaces and events, to the experiences of our learners, faculty, and staff. Ours is an incredibly diverse college, with 77 languages spoken on campus, 62% of our students born outside of Canada, and large self-identified populations of Indigenous, differently-abled, and LGBTQ+ students. We are truly a microcosm of Canada.

The road to recognizing and then celebrating our diversity has taken us on a fascinating journey to inclusion, and helped us discover its essence. We define inclusion as diversity + engagement. Inclusion represents how we bring everyone together and we appreciate their differences. We strive to ensure everyone knows they matter, belong, and add value. This is why we are compelled to promote inclusion in our classrooms, in our curriculum, in our workplace, and in our community. In fact, inclusion helps define who we are, how we behave, and how we conduct our business. We celebrate our diversity, and are constantly learning and broadening our worldviews by teaching each other.

Inclusion enriches everything, and positively impacts every measure and metric. Inclusive communities have better socio-economic indicators and outcomes, benefitting everyone. Inclusive organizations have a powerful competitive advantage leading directly to better business results - in decision-making, engagement, productivity, collaboration, culture, and the bottom line. And inclusion helps us understand truths that will move us forward to reconciliation and healing from past injustices.

These are the skills vital to creating business and community leaders who will not only survive, but thrive in an increasingly globalized environment.

The benefits of inclusion are clear, but not everyone is aware. As a learning organization, we seek to enlighten and educate, creating space for understanding and growth. Our mission is to transform lives and strengthen communities – inclusion is a fundamental building block in doing that.