Indigenous Cultural Board Advisor

Delores Cardinal

Delores Cardinal

When it comes to gaining wisdom, age definitely plays a role. For some, however, that age is younger than you might think.

NorQuest College’s Resident Elder, Delores Cardinal of the Goodfish Lake First Nation, says she’s “been doing Elder work” since she was 32 years old.

Cardinal acts as a trusted spiritual leader at home and around the province, spreading the word of Elders before her, and serving as a counselor, mentor, and friend. Her role at NorQuest isn’t different from the role she is already playing out in life.

“We have our own teachings and we try to practice sharing, caring, respecting one and another, loving one and another,” says Cardinal. “The way I see it, we are all human beings on the same earth, under the same sky, under the same sun. And I talk to a lot of people who are not Aboriginal. To learn and benefit from our teachings you don’t have to be Aboriginal.”

Students and employees alike have enjoyed and benefitted from Cardinal’s wisdom, sense of humour, and gentle personality.

“If you feel comfortable with me I will try to help the best way I can,” she says in true Elder fashion.