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Get employment support

Gain access to the training, services, and resources you need to find and be prepared for work. Our Career Centre is a welcoming, safe place where you can get the help you need to succeed.

Accessing services

To learn how we can best serve you and your unique needs, our career advisors meet one-on-one with each job seeker to determine which training, resources, and support you’ll require.

Our intake forms are online and can be completed from anywhere. In addition to scheduling to meet with an advisor, we also have drop in availability every Tuesday to assist with your job search. While you’re at the Centre, you’ll have access to a computer, printer, coffee, and smudge room.

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Getting you prepared

Whether you’re just starting your job search or need short term certificate training for employment, we can help.

Our job search services include:

  • Mapping out your career path
  • Developing your resume
  • Setting career goals
  • Mock interview preparation

Our readiness services include:

  • Assistance acquiring the pre-employment certificate training you need to start your job
  • Bus tickets to get you to work
  • Workshops and training

Finding employment

Once you’ve met with an advisor and have access to our job portal, we’ll help you connect with our employer partners, so you can find meaningful and sustainable work with a company that respects and supports you.

From preparing for your interview with your new employer and throughout your onboarding and beyond, our career advisors are here to support. We will also reach out to you within the first two weeks of employment to ask how everything is going. You’ll have the chance to discuss your new job, ask questions, and gain follow-up support if needed.

Ready to get started?

Frequently asked questions

How do I apply for services from the AICCC Click here to access our online intake form. It can be completed from anywhere.
How do I get the pre-employment certificates I need to get to work?

There are two ways to get the pre-employment certificates you need. Both will be done as part of the intake process when completing the Intake Form, and both require a follow up meeting with a Career Advisor once complete:

  1. You will provide a copy of a job confirmation letter from your new employer, listing the certificate training you need
  2. You will provide three job postings in the same area of work, that list the same required training certificates (for example, three general labourer postings)
I don’t need pre-employment certificates or help with my resume. I only want access to the AICCC job board. Is this possible? Yes! When you complete the Intake Form, you can let us know that you only want access to the job board. You will provide three job postings in the area of work you are looking for and meet with a career advisor.
Does the AICCC only help with jobs in construction? No, our employer partnerships are growing all the time. We are actively engaging with other industries such as hospitality and building services. As well, in any company, there are roles in administration, human resources and leadership positions. Using our job board can help you explore these opportunities and be seen by our employer partners.
When do I meet with a Career Advisor?

Whether you want pre-employment certificate training, help with creating a resume, access to our job board or to talk about your career options, you will meet with a career advisor as part of the intake process. Here are the steps involved:

  1. Complete the Intake Form 
    • Upload a copy of your identification
    • Upload your resume (unless you want help to create it)
    • Upload the job confirmation letter or three job postings in the same area that require the same certificate training
  2. Our team will contact you once you have completed the intake form and uploaded your documents, to set up an appointment with a career advisor. Together, you will go over the information you have shared and plan next steps

Remember, any time along the way, you can meet a career advisor for help. Contact us at or by phone at 780.644.5907 to schedule an appointment. You can also walk in without an appointment on any Tuesday.

What if I get stuck in the process. Can I get help? Yes! You can contact us any time at or by phone at 780.644.5907 to schedule an appointment. You can also walk in without an appointment on any Tuesday.

Have questions?

If you have any questions about our employment support for Indigenous job seekers or if you’d like to book a meeting with one of our Centre staff, please fill out the form below.

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