NorQuest Centres

The NorQuest College Centres transform communities and organizations through customized, innovative and practical training grounded in evidence-based applied research. We build strong collaborative partnerships with clients and stakeholders, and provide workforce relevant services and resources back to our partners, communities, and business and industry.

Our Centres provide two types of services:

  • Customized training solutions
  • Applied research

Centre for Intercultural Education

The Centre for Intercultural Education provides research and training to the public and industry sectors focused on integrated intercultural solutions. Our innovative approach integrates intercultural and language training to build community and organizational capacity through changed behaviours and expanded worldviews. We generate realistic solutions that improve the effectiveness and quality of businesses, industry, and communities.

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Landmark Group Centre for Value Improvement

The Landmark Group Centre for Value Improvement is the cornerstone for the development and delivery of value improvement contract services, continuing education programming, credit programs and applied research activity. It builds on the success of and coordinates NorQuest’s own internal value improvement projects.

The Centre enables the College to share research, ideas and knowledge to help other organizations benefit from our process improvement expertise. It integrates NorQuest’s successful work with Lean business practices in the print media industry, and broadens it to include industry sectors such as health care and manufacturing, as well as the public and service sectors.

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